Monday, June 20, 2011

Illinois Energy Is A High Quality Organization

January 2010

Illinois Energy,

We wanted to take a minute and thank you for transforming our tired looking inefficient home into a more modern and efficient residence. Your sales department, installation crew as well as your project are amazing.

Our initial introduction to your company was non-pressuring and very pleasant. We were educated on the product, installation and efficiency of your windows without feeling pressured to make instant decision, Your product did that for us. We were quite impressed with the construction of your windows, its lifetime warranty, as well as its energy reducing abilities. We have already noticed a reduction in our heating bills and can only anticipate a lower electric bill for air-conditioning as the summer approaches.

Before the installation of your windows, our home was drafty and lacked the ability to have cross breezes. Our living room and kitchen bays did not have widows that opened which didn't allow ventilation in those rooms. Now we have two bays that have not only changed the ascetic beauty to the front and back of our home but have also created ventilation and cross breezes on the first floor. All of our windows now open with ease. I am looking forward to being able to clean them from inside of our home without climbing on ladders.

The installation crew were artists. They installed our windows and capped our existing frames transforming our home. They were courteous and always left our property clean and neat. I appreciate their kind manner and always felt comfortable having them in my home.

Thank you again for making our home more beautiful and efficient. I would highly recommend your company for anyone interested in new widows. The staff of you company was a pleasure to work with and we know that if I ever need additional work done to my home, you will be the only call we make.


Brad and Lynda T.

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