Monday, June 20, 2011

Illinois Energy – Great Job!

Dear Potential Illinois Energy customers,

We have lived in our present house for over 7 years. When we did the "walk through" the one window they opened was the ONLY window that worked in the whole house. We had broken windows that were drafty and dangerous, but once we had toddlers I feared for their safety when the windows were propped open, since the springs had been broken and they would slam shut. As my children got older and stronger they wanted to take out the wood that was holding the windows open which was potentially very dangerous. The window in my younger son's room, the nursery, actually had mold, The drafts were so bad that you would have to keep the curtains closed most of the year if it was windy out side. My husband and I have decided we NEEDED new windows!

Being in a neighborhood built in the 70's, replacement window companies were targeting our neighborhood in recent years. My husband and I made and appointment with one of these companies. They started to call every week after our appointment and finally the salesman actually got rude because we didn't sign a contract right away. Then one day a young man came to our door and gave us a folder filled with information about their windows at Illinois Energy. A sale representative called and I talked to him and I requested that her give me until the following year when we would be ready money-wise. He called a the beginning of the year and we set up another appointment. We were impressed right away, first with the salesman, and then with the quality of the windows he was selling. One of the selling points was that our windows would be custom fit and energy efficient. (We have seen widows go up around the neighborhood and trucks coming to "refit" the windows because they weren't custom fit.)

Once we decided on the types of windows, not only did the sale sale representative measure the windows, but the job foreman came out and measured them again. Illinois Energy scheduled around our vacation plans and as soon as we returned, the windows were set up to install.

The workers were all friendly and always busy Of course we had a few glitches in the instillation, but had nothing to do the actual windows. The workers forgot to sweep up on the first day and my husband pulled into the garage and noticed a bunch of screws laying around. There was no damage done. My 4 year old was intrigued with what they were doing and wanted to be involved with the tools. They were very patient and explained to him what they were doing. The head workman would let me know what time they would be there the next day and they were always on time. The last day they were here he didn't show up until noon which was kind of frustrating because there were usually so prompt. It turned out to be a miscommunication -- but it was the last day and I was anxious for my window installation to be completed. They looked so nice.

All and all we had a great experience and we love our new windows! My children and cats love the new day windows, as do I since it makes our room look larger and brighter. They are totally draft proof! We are so happy with our new windows we are getting two more basement windows replaced and our front door, We are happy customers.

Erin and Mike O.

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