Monday, June 20, 2011

Great Job Illinois Energy

January 16, 2010

This fall, Illinois Energy installed replacement windows on our entire house, a big job with six sliding glass doors thrown in the mix. The windows came in more quickly than anticipated, a boon to us because they were installed before the cold set in, The installation was quick and efficient, and the workers were all very polite, answering all our questions and installing around our timing, leaving the home office for last when I was finished preparing for class. They left no mess behind when they left.

The sales team was very responsive to our questions and came through quickly wit addresses we could drive by to see examples of the type of grill we were interested in. We gained more confidence in the company from a homeowner who told of excellent experience with the company and said that she would use them again and recommend them to friends.

The completed look is wonderful. The house looks brighter from the front and I can't tell you how mice it is to look through clean, unfogged windows after living sex years with windows whose seals had been compromised.

The windows have also contributed to greater comfort in the house this cold season. We have had a problem with heating zones in the past. If one end of the house was comfortable, the other was too hot, If that end of the house was comfortable, the first was frigid. Since the installation of the new windows, the discrepancy between these zones has been minimal, making it much easier to set the thermostat at a temperature comfortable around the cluck and decreasing the complaints from the kids who aren't paying the heating bill!

In all, we are very pleased with our decision to go with Illinois Energy to replace our home widows.


Greg and Kathleen D.

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